Health and Women's Affairs

Health and equality are both cornerstones of a self-determined life. Equality and women’s policy have to be key aspects of all areas of politics. Politics has the task of enabling women to make decisions on equal terms in their private and working lives. People must also be able to live in patchwork and rainbow families without discrimination. In the world of work, it must be ensured that work of equal value really receives the same pay, and that both women and men are represented in top management. Because at the end of the day, society as a whole will benefit from this.

Austria has one of the best health care systems in the world. In this context, a health care system based on solidarity and cooperation and communication with all of our partners in health care are the highest priorities.

Our goal is to give people in Austria the security that they will receive the best possible treatment if they become ill, to create transparency, to recognise and address problems and to draw up solutions for them together. It is particularly important that health care policy is not just about repair-based medicine, but about promoting and preserving people’s health and the prevention of illness. Health issues have to be more firmly anchored in our society, and have a presence in all areas, from schools to companies and local communities.