Recognition of Professional Qualifications

Contact - availability

On the service days listed below, staff members are available for questions and for the submission of applications for occupational licences for certain health professions (not including doctors).

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Service hours

Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 8.00-10.00 except on public holidays, Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve.

The shortened occupational licence procedure (one-stop) takes place every Monday between 8.30 and 11.30 – except on public holidays, Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve.

The shortened occupational licensing procedure (one-stop) is the fastest way to obtain an occupational licence for a health care profession in Austria, and was awarded the 2006 Austrian Administration Prize. A total of 50% of applicants already make use of this opportunity and receive their occupational licences within half an hour.

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Bundesministerium für Gesundheit und Frauen
Abteilung II/A/2,
2nd floor Radetzkystraße 2
1030 Wien

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Who is responsible for me?

Please contact one of the staff members listed below according to the first letter of your surname (family name):

A-E: Silvia MATEJKA, Room No. 2K07
Tel. +43-1/711 00-4686
e-mail: silvia.matejka@bmgf.gv.at

F-J: Ursula SZABO, Room No. 2K10
Tel. +43-1/711 00-4140
e-mail: ursula.szabo@bmgf.gv.at

K-N: Johann LOIBL, Room No. 2K01,
+43-1/711 00-4214
e-mail: johann.loibl@bmgf.gv.at

O-R: Petra KREIMEL, Room No. 2K04,
+43-1/711 00-4380
e-mail: petra.kreimel@bmgf.gv.at

S-Z: Gerald TATZER-SCHMID, Room No. 2J01
Tel. +43-1/711 00-4128
e-mail: mailto:gerald.tatzer-schmid@bmgf.gv.at

Anna KONDOR, Room No. 2K02
Tel. +43-1/711 00-4640
e-mail: anna.kondor@bmgf.gv.at

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Access system

For security reasons, an access control system has been installed in the Government building in Radetzkystraße 2. All visitors have to register at the information counter in the lobby in order to obtain access to the offices of the Ministry of Health. After an official photo ID card or document has been deposited with the staff, a guest card is issued. This enables visitors to use the lift.

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